Mother’s Day Email Marketing Campaigns and Best Practices for 2022

Mother’s Day is on the horizon, and our inboxes are already starting to fill up with celebrations and communications from brands.

Because Mother’s Day is an important date for many businesses. It is a significant revenue driver and the perfect excuse to promote products and gifts.

But with an increasing amount of consumers choosing to shop online instead of the high street, Mother’s Day communications are competitive. This means brands need to ensure they are sending out the best possible campaigns.

To help them out, here are 5 Mother’s Day campaigns and best practices for 2022.

Opt-out campaigns

We’ve previously talked about empathy in email marketing. Because consumers are over the hard sell. Instead, they want brands to abide by the same morals and values as they do. And for this to be incorporated in all marketing efforts.

So when it comes to Mother’s Day, show some empathy by asking recipients if they want to opt-out from these communications. And importantly if they’ve already opted out in the past, there’s every likelihood that they will want to remain opted out, so change the messaging for those that have opted out in the past to ask if they would like to remain opted out.

For many recipients, Mother’s Day can be a difficult time so receiving emails celebrating the date can bring back painful memories. And can also begin to build a negative relationship with the brand.

As well as sending opt-out campaigns, brands can include Mother’s and Father’s Day communications in their preference centres, to ensure they are covering all bases.

Mothers Day Opt out example Oliver Bonas

Send gift guides

For many, selecting the perfect gift for Mother’s Day can be a challenge. Brands can help consumers out by offering gift guides, either via a dedicated email campaign or incorporated throughout their email communications.

Gift guides can take various forms. Brands can include their most popular products from previous Mother’s Days. Feature items that are on offer or in the sale. Or segment their gifts based on different categories.

And whilst personalisation can be tricky in this instance, some can be achieved with the Mother’s delivery address. For instance, product recommendations based on her location and the weather where she lives.

Brands can also incorporate gift cards, greetings cards, and gift wrapping in their guides. So that the customer doesn’t forget those vital details.

Mothers Day Email Gift Guide Ideas

Zero Party Data Point

The period around Mother’s Day is a great time to start asking your customers who they are buying for when they get to the basket stage. Find out what the gift recipients like and discover their personality for you to be able to suggest products and remember this information for the following years.

Promote social proof

No one wants to drop the ball on Mother’s Day. This means choosing a reliable and trustworthy brand to buy from is very important during the buying process.

Customers want to ensure that the right gift will be delivered at the right time, to the right address. With no mishaps along the way.

Reassure potential customers that they can trust your brand with the use of social proof.

Incorporating social proof into Mother’s Day emails doesn’t have to be difficult. Brands can utilise star ratings, include written reviews and testimonials, and even feature photos from influencers and customers taken from social media.

Mothers Day Social Proof_emailmarketing

Provide key delivery dates

Ensure that this special day isn’t missed by reminding your customers of key delivery dates for your products and gifts.

As well as being useful for the recipient, this also adds a sense of urgency to encourage customers to buy now without delaying the process.

At this stage, brands can also upsell their delivery offerings. Such as next day, VIP delivery, or items that can be fast-tracked.

Brands can also incorporate personalised delivery information. Once the delivery address is added, brands can use dynamic content blocks alongside geotargeting to showcase delivery timings specific to the destination.

Mothers Day Email Marketing

Suggest last-minute gift ideas

Despite the constant reminders, we’ve all been there.

Sometimes special occasions like Mother’s Day slip through the net. Leaving us scouring the internet for last-minute gifts, next day delivery, and online gift cards.

Save your customer the panic by offering up last-minute gift ideas straight in their inbox.

This could include items that can be delivered quickly or online and digital gifts that can be sent immediately via email.

And just as with delivery timings, brands can utilise geotargeting functionality to ensure they are showing items that can be delivered in time based on the specific delivery address. Personalising the process and making it even more streamlined for the customer.

Last Minute Ideas_Mothers Day Email Marketing

Automate delivery updates

Once the customer has made their purchase, the buying process is not over.

Customers will also be waiting anxiously to ensure their gift is received in time for Mother’s Day. Even more so if they ordered at the last minute.

Reassure customers and keep them up to date by automating regular delivery updates.

This could include order confirmation, notifications when the gift is out for delivery, and confirmation when it has been delivered.

We’d also recommend including customer service contact details in these emails, in case the customer needs to make a last-minute change or is experiencing a delivery delay.

Email Marketing Mothers Day_Delivery Updates

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