5 Useful Replenishment Email Marketing Examples

Replenishment email marketing automations are a powerful way to increase revenues for your eCommerce business.

They’re the useful campaigns reminding the consumer to stock-up and reorder before they run out. These campaigns are perfect if your business sells any consumable products from groceries to pet food and makeup to prescriptions.

Click here for the full guide on why and how to create replenishment emails.

To give you some inspiration, here’s a few we think are pretty awesome.


Why do we love it?

We love the use of pet personalisation in this email as well as the visual representation of the product. The tone is fun and friendly and no one wants their pet to go hungry!


Ultimate Nutrition

Why do we love it?

Again another great use of language together with the imagery. Notice also that the best replenishment campaigns are sent just before the product runs out. With a simple click of a button the customer can replenish their supply with very little effort.

Keep them buying again and again

Graze Shop

Why do we love it?

We love that the visual nature of this email and how it also gives the consumer the option to try out other snacks. Referencing the product they bought previously helps provide another layer of relevancy.


Repeat purchase replenishment example



Why we love it

We love the use of imagery in the email and the easy shop now button. What we also love is the option to set up an auto replenishment. For many makeup users running out of foundation can be extremely inconvenient and with more people working from home, getting to the store can be difficult. An auto replenishment is not only useful for the customer but also is a guaranteed revenue stream for the business.


Replenishment email Lancome

Frontline & Petsafe

What we love

If like us you have a fur baby at home, trying to remember everything is near impossible. Which is why we love these emails that remind us to top up on the essentials that might ordinarily be missed. We love how Petsafe also uses pet personalisation. Also letting the reader know that renewing only takes 5 minutes helps reduce that friction of time putting us off!

Key Takeaway

Replenishment campaigns are a great addition to your automation campaigns. All you need to know is the lifecycle of a product and set the rules up in your automation tool. The Pure360 software for ecommerce marketers is perfect for businesses that are looking to grow their revenues quickly. Setting these automated email campaigns up is a breeze and can have you bringing in an extra revenue stream in no time!

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